About Falcon Motors

 FALCON Motors is a leading Egyptian company that is specialized in industrial and warehousing solutions.
We understand the consumers’ increased needs for industrial automation, reliable power generation,
transformation to the new LED lighting technologies and also their needs for reliable after sales services in order to protect their investment in equipment.
Accordingly, we invested in our resources, selected the best business partners to always provide our customers with the best possible products, solutions and services thereby helping them become more productive.
We offer our customers a carefully selected wide range of material handling equipment, power generating sets and industrial LED lighting.
FALCON Motors is the exclusive dealer for CLARK – the legendary fork lift manufacturer- in Egypt, we also partner with General Electric Lighting and ENERGY Gruppi Elettrogeni in providing total energy and industrial lighting solutions.
We capitalize on our deep market expertise, large investment in resources & people , desire to achieve operational excellence and increased customer satisfaction.