Chairman Message

 First, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for your continued support and understanding.

Since 2012, FALCON Motors has encountered a multitude of challenges.
Thanks to the enormous efforts of all concerned,
today we can take pride in the strengths of our management practices and culture.
I am convinced that we are now in a position to take a definitive step forward toward sustainable growth.
I strongly believe that our understanding of customer needs is our winning tool,
we understand the consumers’ increased needsfor industrial automation, power generation,
transformation to new lighting technologies and also their needs for reliable
after sales services in order to protect their investment in equipment.
Accordingly, we invested in our resources,
selected the best business partners to always provide our customers with the best possible products,
solutions and services thereby  helping them become more productive.
I promise our customers that FALCON Motors team will always keep its innovation;
hard work and “can-do” attitude, helping our customers become more efficient and productive.
We will always focus on providing value and exceptional experience to our customers.
Tarek Rizkalla